Welcome to SEGARA URIP

Segara Urip is Balinese language and means “Life is coming from the Ocean”. We are a local turtle conservation organisation seated at the beach of the fisherman village Air Kuning, West-Bali, which is one of the last nesting areas for the Olive Ridley Turtle.

Since the foundation year in 2013, we help sea turtles to reproduce suscessfully by doing regular night patrols in the nesting season and relocating nests to our hatchery, if necessary. Since sea turtles are highly endangered worldwide and their eggs are an eligible prey for animals as well as humans, we have to take care for the eggs and let them hatch under controlled and safe conditions. As soon as the babies hatch, they are immediately accompanied to the ocean.

Are you interested in supporting our organisation? We are always looking for VOLUNTEERS and, since this is a non-profit organisation, we are dependent on DONATIONS.

Thank you for visiting us and enjoy our website!